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Buying at Trustee Sale Auctions

Buying homes at Maricopa county trustee sales is not without pitfalls and should only be done after you have done your research and understand exactly what it entails.  For someone trying to buy at trustee sales the process can be daunting and intimidating.  You must have a lot of time and be willing to learn the process involved with buying homes at Arizona trustee sales.  You must have time and be willing to go to the various auctions and bid for yourself. You must have the ability to undertake all title searches and verify lien positions.  This is one of the most important parts of the process as a buyer at a trustee sale assumes old tax liens, clouds or senior liens on the title which may affect your ownership.  A misstep here can cost you your entire investment.

You must also have the time to drive the properties you want to purchase and go to the auctions.  Auctions run all day long from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM and are in multiple locations around Maricopa county.  You really must be ready to make this a full time job.  A typical day will start in late afternoon when you go through the foreclosure list and pick the properties for the next day.  You will need to rise early and be driving properties from 6:00 AM until 9:00 AM before the auctions start.  You will attend auctions from 9:30 to 5:00 and then start looking through the auction list for homes to purchase the next day.  Buying homes at Arizona trustee sales are time consuming. Many are cancelled or postponed.  You MUST have time on your hands if you wish to buy trustee sales yourself. So why do it yourself? Let Artisan Real Estate Group do it for you.

Artisan Real Estate Group will provide you with access to our proprietary database of auction homes daily.  We run all title searches and verify you are bidding on a 1st lien position.  Most importantly we do the actual bidding at auction for you.  Our service frees up your time so you can drive the properties you are most interested in pursuing, go to work or spend time with your family.   Additionally, you will get investor discounts on title services of up to 30% and access to hard money should you need it.  Our service maximizes your time and minimizes your expenses so you can concentrate on picking the best homes for your investment strategy.

To start using our service you will need to provide a certified $10,000 bidder deposit to be held in our customer bid account and used by Artisan Real Estate Group for the purchase of your property.  If you wish to purchase multiple properties, you must provide a check for each property.  This deposit is used as earnest money for the property you wish to purchase as required by the Trustee and Arizona statutes.  The deposit is only used in the event that the investor is the successful bidder at the sale.  These funds are fully-refundable per the terms and conditions of the bidder agreement except when said funds have been given to the trustee as earnest money.  Upon successful bid, the investor MUST provide full balance by 5:00 PM the following business day.  The investor will be notified immediately of the property purchase and payment instructions will be given for the balance.  Artisan Real Estate Group will deliver the balance due to the trustee if requested.

The fee for our service is a flat fee of $1500 per property acquired.  Should the investor require we have a full service plan where the investor provides the acquisition/rehab funds and we do all the work.