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by Keith Bierman - MCA Financial Group, Ltd. on Artisan Real Estate Group

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is my personal recommendation for Robert Jeffery, Designated Real Estate Broker.

As Senior Managing Director for MCA Financial Group, our firm acted as receiver for JP Morgan Chase Bank to assist and advise in the liquidation of the real estate assets of Brown Family Communities, a Phoenix area home builder.

Our firm hired Robert Jeffery for the real estate asset disposition of approximately 35 homes. His role was to market and sell these properties to achieve maximum possible return for the bank. I am very pleased with the results that Robert was able to accomplish in three short months. The profitability and recovery exceeded our expectations.

I found Robert to be a results oriented professional, taking direction well with a positive attitude. In addition, he possesses expert market knowledge of all the Phoenix submarkets and the buyer profiles for each.

I highly recommend Robert Jeffery to any organization seeking a professional real estate broker to assist in their real estate asset disposition efforts. He would be a tremendous asset to any organization. Should you have any questions regarding Robert and his abilities, please feel free to contact me at 602-710-2502 or

by Chris Aepli on Artisan Real Estate Group

To Whom It May Concern:Please accept this letter as my personal recommendation for Jameson Van Ness and his trustee sale acquisition service. As the broker for several large real estate investment funds, I hired Jameson and his company over several other bid services we interviewed, and he immediately became an integral member of our acquisition team.Jameson has a winning attitude that embraces all challenges and encourages collaboration. The phrase “team player” is often overused, but Jameson is truly that. To better structure our services and client profit potential Jameson took over all aspects of the trustee sale acquisition process including providing a top quality auction list, title searches, bid services, valuation input and delivery of bid deposits and trustee payoff. We trust Jameson fully with our investor’s money and he has a supply of $10,000 bid checks he keeps with him at all times from our various funds.Jameson clearly communicates profit expectations, advises us on bid amounts, is always available by phone/email/text and consistently goes over and above the call of duty.It is my pleasure to provide this letter of reference to other investors for Jameson’s company. He is a trustworthy and knowledgeable addition to any investor team that wants to earn profits buying and selling trustee auction properties in Maricopa County, AZ.

by Patrick Jorgensen - Project General Manager, Pacific Monarch Resorts on Artisan Real Estate Group

To Whom It May Concern:It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Jameson Van Ness and Artisan Real Estate Group. For the last 12 years, I have been involved in real estate, sales, management and broker ownership. Additionally, I have a unique perspective on Jameson as I knew him before he started his 3 businesses. I hope my insight will be helpful to you as you evaluate this exceptional company.My first contact with Jameson was in 2000, when he mentored me at KB Home as a sales representative. During the course of our tenure together, Jameson sold homes with such ease and skill that he set the tone for the entire office. His creative ideas for sales presentations, service and follow up were not only inventive and entertaining; they were also astonishingly effective.With 5 sales representatives from a variety of backgrounds, there was often conflict, and occasionally confrontation. Jameson was appointed as acting on-site manager and responded consistently with respect, wisdom and compassion to all of his colleagues. The experience had a profound effect on me and because of Jameson’s exceptional skill and professionalism, propelled myself along with him into the top 3 sales representatives in KB Home, the biggest builder in Phoenix at the time.It was because of this experience together with Jameson and my firsthand knowledge of his work ethic that I invested my (and my clients) hard earned money with Jameson in several JV projects after he started his custom homebuilding company Quality Built Homes in 2004. Jameson had distinguished himself to me as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the fields of leadership and management. I have enormous respect for his business & people skills, and have been pleased to work with him on many occasions at Quality Built Homes, and Artisan Real Estate Group.His company has the best trustee sale list in the Phoenix market, bar none. This is not puffery, but truth. The comp values are the most accurate of any of the lists I have seen. The search capabilities are exceptional. And I love the comprehensiveness of the data. I only buy a home every couple of months so I am by no means the biggest client of Artisan Real Estate Group but I always feel as though I am. Their service is second to none. The other thing I know is that my money is always protected as though it is their money. Jameson is never afraid to tell you a property is not worth what you are bidding even if it means they don’t earn a commission. He is in for the long haul and wants all of his investors to make money first and foremost.It is because of these qualities that I am writing this letter of reference/recommendation on his behalf. Bottom line, if you are thinking about purchasing homes at trustee sale in Maricopa County, Arizona I fully endorse and urge you to use Jameson Van Ness and Artisan Real Estate Group.

by Allan and Jeanne Wasicki- Private Investors on Artisan Real Estate Group

I am writing to strongly recommend Jameson Van Ness and Artisan Real Estate Group as a trustee sale property acquisition company.My wife and I first bought our first home 2 weeks ago through Jameson after one week of bidding at the auctions. Jameson gave us his personal time and attention and ultimately helped start us out on our dream of leaving our jobs.Jameson’s combination of skill, experience and intuition is exactly what we had been looking for in a bid service. Additionally, his professional ethics are superb. We are confident he would never misrepresent a home value to us in any way.We truly trust him with our money and look forward to many more business transactions together.

by Paul Falbo - Receiver for AmTrust Bank on Artisan Real Estate Group

“Robert Jeffery was charged with the responsibility of quickly selling homes under court receivership. He earned my full respect due to his work ethic, integrity and ability to produce under "new" circumstances. I would not hesitate to recommend Robert to anyone on both a personal and professional level. "Can do!" attitudes are hard to find these days; and, Robert can do.”

by Christy Nebeker - Performing Loans & Special Assets Consultant, Bank Officer, AmTrust Bank on Artisan Real Estate Group

“I had the privilege of working with Robert Jeffery while disposing assets related to a court ordered receivership. Robert possesses a thorough knowledge of the real estate industry including the residential real estate market, homebuilding and mortgage lending. He always demonstrated excellent communication, organization and process management skills and approached adversity with an open mind and can-do attitude. Both employers and customers will greatly benefit from his experience and talent!”