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Trustee Sale Acquisition
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Buying at Trustee Sale Auctions

Buying homes at Maricopa county trustee sales is not without pitfalls and should only be done after you have done your research and understand exactly what it entails. For someone trying to buy at trustee sales the process can be daunting and intimidating. You must have a lot of time and be willing to learn the process involved with buying homes at Arizona trustee sales. You must have time and be willing to go to the various auctions and bid for yourself. You must have the ability to undertake all title searches and verify lien positions. This is one of the most important parts of the process as a buyer at a trustee sale assumes old tax liens, clouds or senior liens on the title which may affect your ownership. A misstep here can cost you your entire investment.

You must also have the time to drive the properties you want to purchase and go to the auctions. Auctions run all day long from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM and are in multiple locations around Maricopa County. You really must be ready to make this a full time job. A typical day will start in late afternoon when you go through the foreclosure list and pick the properties for the next day. You will need to rise early and be driving properties from 6:00 AM until 9:00 AM before the auctions start. You will attend auctions from 9:30 to 5:00 and then start looking through the auction list for homes to purchase the next day. Buying homes at Arizona trustee sales are time consuming. Many are cancelled or postponed. You MUST have time on your hands if you wish to buy trustee sales yourself. So why do it yourself? Let Artisan Real Estate Group do it for you.

Artisan Real Estate Group will provide you with access to our proprietary database of auction homes daily. We run all title searches and verify you are bidding on a 1st lien position. Most importantly, we do the actual bidding at auction for you. Our service frees up your time so you can drive the properties you are most interested in pursuing, go to work or spend time with your family. Additionally, you will get investor discounts on title services of up to 30% and access to hard money should you need it. Our service maximizes your time and minimizes your expenses so you can concentrate on picking the best homes for your investment strategy.

To start using our service you will need to provide a certified $10,000 bidder deposit to be held in our customer bid account and used by Artisan Real Estate Group for the purchase of your property. If you wish to purchase multiple properties, you must provide a check for each property. This deposit is used as earnest money for the property you wish to purchase as required by the Trustee and Arizona statutes. The deposit is only used in the event that the investor is the successful bidder at the sale. These funds are fully-refundable per the terms and conditions of the bidder agreement except when said funds have been given to the trustee as earnest money. Upon successful bid, the investor MUST provide full balance by 5:00 PM the following business day. The investor will be notified immediately of the property purchase and payment instructions will be given for the balance. Artisan Real Estate Group will deliver the balance due to the trustee if requested.

The fee for our service is a flat fee of $2500 per property acquired. Should the investor require we have a full service plan where the investor provides the acquisition/rehab funds and we do all the work.

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Why use Artisan Real Estate Group?

Artisan Real Estate Group is one of the premier trustee sale auction list providers and bidder services in Arizona. Our service takes the guesswork out of buying highly discounted homes at trustee sales before the homes go back to the banks. With our service, you'll get daily updates of all homes going to auction in Maricopa county. In addition, we provide multiple market value assessments including a tax records value and 2 MLS comparison values based on a cost & square foot approach. Our proprietary database then provides easy to read "quick view" profit margins based on the opening bid values and averages of the comparison values so you can make instantaneous decisions about which properties you wish to purchase.

Our foreclosure list also gives you important information on each property including the trustee, assessor's parcel number, square footage of the home, year built, whether it has a pool, what the original mortgage amount was on the property, address, trustee sale file number, annual taxes, back taxes owed, hyperlinks to satellite images and much more. All of this information together provides our clients with the most comprehensive list available to investors in the state of Arizona.

The best part is that our staff handles the research which means you have more time to spend choosing which homes you want to purchase. And to make your job even easier, we've partnered with several local Arizona companies that provide our clients with title insurance services and searches and access to hard money financing. We provide the bidding, real estate and rehab services. This comprehensive approach and attention to detail is what our investors love about our Artisan Real Estate Group...and what keeps them coming back!

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Why is our list the best?

Our proprietary scrubbing program was designed to increase efficiency and maximize the time spent previewing property. Because of the advanced nature of our list you can literally choose the properties you want to view in less than 20 minutes. Features included in our list that make Artisan Real Estate Group different include:

  • Hyperlink to Maricopa.gov GIS plat maps from APN
  • Hyperlink to Bing.com aerial satellite images and bird's eye view of property
  • Annual taxes and back taxes dues
  • 3 property value instead of 1 for cross-reference comparison
  • Color coded quick view profit margins
  • Complete drop down sorting capabilities on any data desired (Zip, City, Opening Bid, etc.)
  • Subdivision Information
  • Pool Information
  • House and Lot Square Footage

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Recent Profit Examples
1885 Dion Drive, Anthem AZ Purchased For $173,000  Sold For $199,000
16173 W. Durango St. Goodyear Purchased For $86,100 Sold For $140,900
41308 N. Hudson Trail, Anthem Purchased For $112,000 Sold For $159,900
14618 W. Acapulco Lane, Surprise Purchased For $109,282 Sold For $144,900
41321 N. Prestancia Dr., Anthem Purchased For $155,300 Sold For $210,000
16826 W. Carmen, Surprise Purchased For $120,084 Sold For $150,000
3363 East Elgin St., Gilbert Purchased For $136,900 Sold For $162,000
18475 West Eagle Drive, Goodyear Purchased For $16,613 Retail Value $39,000
19754 S. 190th St, Queen Creek Purchased For $165,800 Retail Value $220,000
4554 West Harrison St. Chandler Purchased For $146,100 Retail Value $200,000
3010 West Matthew Drive, Phoenix Purchased For $101,800 Retail Value $130,000
3305 East Grove Circle, Mesa Purchased For $186,000 Retail Value $240,000
14840 W. Dahlia, Surprise Purchased For $99,500 Retail Value $125,000
16938 West Marshall Lane, Surprise Purchased For $109,000 Sold For $133,900
15409 W. Mercer Lane, Surprise Purchased For $100,000 Retail Value $125,000
2875 S. Palm Lane, Gilbert Purchased For $301,500 Sold For $343,000
15054 W. Rockrose Way, Surprise Purchased For $80,100 Sold For $125,000
11051 S. Obispo Drive Purchased For $118,231 Sold For $162,000
3926 W. Wyatt Way Purchased For $139,300 Sold For $182,500 


Ready to Invest? Become A Trustee Auction Client

Detailed Arizona Trustee Auction Bidding Auction Profit Examples

Detailed "Full-Service" Trustee Sale
Client Profit Statements

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starbulletTo see before and after pictures of these properties, please visit our Trustee Sale Rehab's page

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Question: How can I find out more about the trustee sale process?
Answer: For basic questions, we are available to discuss by phone questions you may have. We also offer a "ride along" service for $399 by appointment where we take you to the auctions for a day and answer any questions you may have and show you exactly how the auctions work.

Question: What if a property is occupied? Should I still bid?
Answer: Over 50% of the properties that go to sale are occupied. We have never found that to be an issue with regards to purchasing a property. Depending on your investment strategy, you may want that as you have a ready and willing renter. If you are a flipper there are laws set in place to protect you as the new owner. We have access to attorney's that will evict the tenant in 21 days or less for around $500. We have found that most people will leave voluntarily when you ask or if you provide them a small amount of money for a moving truck, etc.

Question: How accurate is the information in your foreclosure list?
Answer: The information provided in our foreclosure list comes from 3rd party providers. We have designed a computer program that pulls the information from all of the respective areas and formats it into one nicely readable list. The information in the list is accurate to the extent which it has been provided to us by these 3rd party companies. The information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

Question: How many people show up at these auctions?
Answer: On any given day there can be as many as 100 bidders at the various auctions. Bidding is competitive. This is a lucrative enterprise and many people are there bidding for multiple professional investors. Additionally, new investors and spectators regularly show as well.

Question: Do I need all of the money by the next day or can I get a loan?
Answer: All funds must be paid in full for the purchase by 5:00 PM the following day after winning the bid. Conventional financing will not work for this type of purchase. Hard money may be an option, depending on what the home sells for.

Question: Why do some homes have an opening bid and some do not?
Answer: Unfortunately, because of the high amount of foreclosures, trustees may not announce the opening bid until the auction. We provide as much information as possible from our 3rd party sources.

Question: When do you update your list?
Answer: Daily auction lists are uploaded by 3:00 PM the day before the auction.

Question: I would love to purchase property, but I am a professional and have to work?
Answer: Great. This is precisely what Artisan Real Estate Group is for. We do all the work so you can continue to work.

Question: Can I buy real estate through my IRA?
Answer: Yes, you can buy real estate through your IRA. We recommend contacting your tax advisor for more information on how you can take advantage or real property through this investment vehicle.

Question: Am I guaranteed to get a property at the sale?
Answer: There are no guarantees. Your max bid which you are willing to pay for the property will dictate if you are the winning bidder.

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