Fix and Flip

Buying multiple properties? Save by using a real estate attorney for closing

Many title companies charge per property each to the buyer and seller. Now you can ask them for a discount, but title insurance will likely cost the same anywhere (though there are exceptions).   An alternative is to look at using a real estate attorney for closing as the attorney fees are certainly negotiable, and if you’re going to close on… Continue reading

If you’re going fix and flip a home, do it right the first time!

You did your research. You won the bid on the house you wanted. You decided you are going to fix the house and flip it. Your goal is set for 30 days. But now what?


What is going to make that house become the dream home that someone will want to buy on first-site?


New carpet, new cabinets,… Continue reading

Investors are flipping homes in Arizona for big profits!

Even though home prices are down more than a third from their peak, according to the National Association of Realtors, many investors are making big profits!


In recent months, our team has helped investors make anywhere from 12% to 24% and more in profits on many Arizona homes picked up at Maricopa County foreclosure auctions (see our recent… Continue reading

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