Canadian Home Buyers

Foreign Buyers Series: FIRPTA and the Escrow Process in Arizona

The Latest in Arizona Real Estate News for Canadians and Canadian Investors

Many international investors are savvy and experienced in buying real estate in their home country or elsewhere around the world.  Arizona however does approach the process a little differently than many other places.  Today we would like to share some of the “ins and outs” of the escrow… Continue reading

The benefits of hiring a Real Estate Agent when making an international move

If you’re looking at making an international move to Arizona the first thing you think of should be “I better call my Real Estate Agent.” While that is a good idea, you may want to consider an Arizona Agent who knows the Phoenix area. Arizona real estate agents will be able to tell you the local reputation of each city,… Continue reading

Canadians are taking advantage of this unique real estate opportunity

As home prices continue to decline in Arizona, Canadians buying homes in Arizona has become more prevalent.  Realtors all over the valley are seeing the same surge in purchases from our Northern neighbors like Jason & Stephanie Felker from who address the issues on US mortgages for Canadian home buyers on their blog.  “In the past few years there… Continue reading

Phoenix welcomes Canadian homebuyers to the sunny state of Arizona?

Canadians thinking of buying Arizona real estate should be happy to know that the great weather and low prices are not the only things waiting for them in the Southwest. Locals have been going out of their way to welcome Canadians for years, as they appreciate their choice to boost the economy by purchasing a home. Find out the little-known incentives offered to Canadians who buy in Arizona.

Lenders May Be Willing to Work with Canadians

It has always been hard for Canadians to get financing from U.S. lenders because international homebuyers do not have U.S. credit. For this reason, the majority of Canadian homebuyers pay cash. However, more lenders than ever before are willing to work with Canadians to get financing, so if you need it, tell your real estate agent. Continue reading

What is the perfect Arizona home for the Canadian Homebuyer?

Canadian homebuyers have a lot to think about before buying a home in Arizona. A house is a major investment, even when it is sold at a rock bottom price. Whether you are looking for a large, family-friendly home to rent out until you move to Arizona, or just need a smaller part-time vacation home, you need to consider a few details before buying real estate in the U.S. Get some tips that may help keep your house secure while you are away, and entertaining while you live in it. Continue reading

Canadian Home Buyers Get Advice on the Tax Consequences of Buying Arizona Real Estate.

One of the most complicated aspects of buying a home internationally is understanding the tax consequences. You do not want to end up increasing your tax bill when you buy real estate in Arizona, especially if the point of your investment is to eventually make a profit. You may be surprised to find that many of the things you have heard are exaggerations or just plain wrong, which is why you need the help of a competent real estate agent and knowledgeable tax specialist when buying a home in Arizona. For questions specifically pertaining to the tax consequences of Canadians buying in the U.S., you are advised to contact Dale A. Walters, CPA, PFS, CFP®, who is with Keats, Connelly and Associates. This subject can be quite complex and they are specialists in this area. Check out some of his tips on the basics of buying real estate in the U.S. Continue reading

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