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Green is in—especially in real estate

“Green” is the buzzword these days in regard to just about everything: cars, cleaning products, food, and, even in real estate. Everyone wants to save money and one of the easiest ways to do so without putting forth too much effort is to add some “green features” to a home. An eco-friendly house is different from an average house in… Continue reading

Investment Opportunities Looking Good

Now could be the perfect time to invest in Arizona’s real estate market. Arizona’s job market continues to improve, which could add new fuel to the recovering housing market in Arizona.

With new jobs and more security, the housing market is bound to move into overdrive. With continued job growth, the demand for more housing will continue to improve and… Continue reading

Two Arizona cities have nearly the lowest property taxes in the US

Although Arizona’s Real Estate market remains unpredictable, Phoenix and Mesa home owners have some of the smallest property tax obligations in the nation. Home owners in Mesa and Phoenix Arizona pay the second and fourth lowest property taxes of any major metropolitan area. Mesa homeowners pay an of 0.5 percent and Phoenix homeowners pay only 0.7 percent. For all of… Continue reading

Why Real Estate Investment Infomercials are NOT your Friend.

Ask any real estate professional and they will tell you that, at some point in the past decade, they have been approached by someone calling himself an investor and asked to submit a large quantity of offers to purchase property.  If you’ve ever had insomnia you may have switched on the TV late at night and seen one of the… Continue reading

Condos, Townhouses, Patio Homes… What the Heck is the Difference?

Is it a townhouse or a condo? The investor must find out for sure!

We told you previously some of the reasons why condos, townhomes, and patio homes can be great real estate investments in Phoenix and other Arizona regional areas right now.  But these descriptions can sometimes be confusing.  In fact, many people don’t know the difference between these property types. In the interest of helping the real estate investor be as knowledgeable as… Continue reading

How to do your Homework before Investing in Real Estate

az real estate investor realtor partner

Real estate investing advice is as plentiful today as Kardashians on reality TV.  But much like the Kardashian phenomenon, most of that advice is pretty fake and superficial, and largely there because they want your money.  So how do you do your homework and learn to separate the real advice from the fake and misleading?  Three words: experienced, licensed Realtors.… Continue reading

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