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Real estate hedge fund…Time is ripe for market weary investors

Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP from The Hedge Fund Law Blog go into detail on the structures of real estate hedge funds. “Real estate hedge funds have always been popular and considering the current stock market turmoil and volatility many real estate hedge fund sponsors believe that the time is ripe to offer a real estate product to market weary… Continue reading

Industry experts expect the continued slowdown in foreclosure actions

The monthly real estate data trends from “…lower inventories can be seen as a positive sign, the situation remains volatile, especially in markets with high unemployment rates and large numbers of seriously delinquent borrowers.”

Phoenix Trustee sales foreclosures on the Maricopa County courthouse steps

Pre-foreclosures, or notices of trustee sales, fell to 4,015 in July from 4,262 in June, according to reports posted on Catherine Reagor’s blog in the Arizona Republic. “The number of pending foreclosures for the area dipped to 23,300 last month, compared with 25,300 in June. A year earlier, there were more than 40,000 pending foreclosures in metro Phoenix. The… Continue reading

Canadians are taking advantage of this unique real estate opportunity

As home prices continue to decline in Arizona, Canadians buying homes in Arizona has become more prevalent.  Realtors all over the valley are seeing the same surge in purchases from our Northern neighbors like Jason & Stephanie Felker from who address the issues on US mortgages for Canadian home buyers on their blog.  “In the past few years there… Continue reading

Protect Your Wealth with Phoenix Rental Properties

With the current economic state of affairs in the United States and housing meltdown still a daily topic of conversation, many look at real estate investment as the last thing to ever bode well these days. Millions of people have been foreclosed upon with more destined to lose their properties during the coming years. To the uninitiated real estate investor this economic climate looks as perilous as it could ever be.

The truth is, if one takes a less myopic approach to building wealth through real estate investment, one can easily see how valuable buying and renting Phoenix rental properties in once booming areas, such as the Phoenix metropolitan area can be to your portfolio. Continue reading

What is a hedge fund?

A hedge fund is a type of pooled fund investment vehicle set up and facilitated by a money manager. The investment goals of the hedge fund are usually defined in an offering or prospectus. The fund may invest in a myriad of products ranging from stocks and bonds to real estate or mortgage notes. It may invest in all of the above or other products. Funds are typically structured in an LLC or partnership form and are mostly an unregulated entity. Because of this fact, investors must be accredited with a basic understanding of investing and risk. Investors need a certain amount of liquidity and must document sufficient assets to prove this criteria has been met.

In layman’s terms, hedge funds are basically a pooling of funds between investors.

This can be done on a large scale, which is often called an institutional fund. It can also be accomplished on a smaller scale. Continue reading

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