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Are you ready to refinance your home mortgage loan?

Most homeowners pay attention to the chance of refinancing their home loan at a lower interest rate and term and retaining their homeownership rights. But it’s not always the right decision according to the financial state of the respective homeowners. Bragging about the rights of your new refinanced loan and speaking about it in office picnics should not the primary reason to go for this option. It’s always better to ask yourself ‘Should I refinance my house‘ and put some thought into it so that you make the right decision before taking out yet another loan on your house. Multiple refinancings can reduce the overall financial benefit that you may get. Don’t run into the habit of striking into the next low rate that attracts you. Read on to know about some considerations before taking out a refinance loan. Continue reading

Phoenix welcomes Canadian homebuyers to the sunny state of Arizona?

Canadians thinking of buying Arizona real estate should be happy to know that the great weather and low prices are not the only things waiting for them in the Southwest. Locals have been going out of their way to welcome Canadians for years, as they appreciate their choice to boost the economy by purchasing a home. Find out the little-known incentives offered to Canadians who buy in Arizona.

Lenders May Be Willing to Work with Canadians

It has always been hard for Canadians to get financing from U.S. lenders because international homebuyers do not have U.S. credit. For this reason, the majority of Canadian homebuyers pay cash. However, more lenders than ever before are willing to work with Canadians to get financing, so if you need it, tell your real estate agent. Continue reading

What is the perfect Arizona home for the Canadian Homebuyer?

Canadian homebuyers have a lot to think about before buying a home in Arizona. A house is a major investment, even when it is sold at a rock bottom price. Whether you are looking for a large, family-friendly home to rent out until you move to Arizona, or just need a smaller part-time vacation home, you need to consider a few details before buying real estate in the U.S. Get some tips that may help keep your house secure while you are away, and entertaining while you live in it. Continue reading

Buy and Hold Arizona Real Estate for Long Term Appreciation or a Monthly Income

The hot summer is here again and the long term buy and hold investors are making it quite a year for the Phoenix real estate market. The increase in rental rates and access to inexpensive homes has converted the fence post sitters and fix & flippers into long term buy and hold investors. The Phoenix metro real estate market has always brought investors large and small to our valley…but nothing like we’ve seen this year. In June, 2011 we had a record month for sales according the ARMLS. June brought 11,141 sales according to ARMLS data which was an all-time new high record month for total sales. And on June 30th, 2011 2216 homes were closed across the valley, making it the single biggest day for closing on record. These numbers are higher than the best month in 2005. Most of this is attributed to long term buy and hold investors and 2nd home buyers. The question now is…Has the Phoenix market hit the critical tipping point?

Let’s examine a few facts: Continue reading

Speed Up the Short Sale Process When Buying an Arizona Vacation Home

Short sales in Arizona offer the best value for your dollar, especially if your dollar happens to be Canadian. International home buyers from Canada and elsewhere are usually shocked at how much house is available for their money, particularly when an owner is motivated to sell. This is how you can get a newer 2500 square foot house with a pool for less than $120,000, and this is just one example. If you are eager to begin vacationing in your second home in Arizona every year, spending your days by the pool or at the golf course, find out the best ways to speed up the short sale process in Arizona. Continue reading

Trustee Sale Acquisition “Custom Tract” Rehabs

At Artisan Real Estate Group we believe that quality should come first and foremost in each home we rehab. That’s why we developed the philosophy of “Custom Tract” in all of our trustee sale auction rehabs. Simply put, we want to be the best home in the neighborhood. With this in mind we established standards that go into each… Continue reading

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