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Discover the Reasons to Buy an Investment Home in Arizona

Arizona is the perfect place for international home buyers looking for investment property. If you have always wanted to buy a house, but cannot afford to do so in your own country, check out Arizona homes. This is the perfect time to buy an investment because prices are rock bottom, and will likely increase soon. Arizona has always been popular with those from areas with cold weather, particularly Canada. For this reason, you should not have a problem renting out your property to visitors until you are ready to live there full time. You can always use it as a vacation house to get away from the snow during the winter, and the bonus is that you will save money during your trips since you will not have to rent a hotel. Find out the basics about investment homes in Arizona, and then talk to a real estate agent for more information. Continue reading

Pending Home Sales Turn Around in May

Pending home sales rose strongly in May with all regions experiencing gains from a year ago, pointing to higher housing activity in the second half of the year, according to the National Association of Realtors®.

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School is Starting and ASU Students Need a Place to Live, Why Rent When You Can BUY?

The time of year is coming when parents and students flock to the Valley of the Sun to enroll at ASU. There are a plethora of things to do: meal plans to buy, books to buy, clothes, classes to find and… HOUSING!

I think you would all agree that housing is the biggest expense we face when our kids go off to college. We have our choice of overpriced, overcrowded dorms, overpriced apartments or condos to rent. Or, we could choose to take advantage if an incredibly affordable real estate market and buy a house for them to live in. Continue reading

Reap the Benefits of Using a Phoenix Real Estate Agent During an International Move

Are you a Canadian buying in Phoenix, Arizona? Maybe a German looking for a 2nd home in the sunny state of Arizona or Phoenix metropolitan area? An international move can be both exciting and stressful. One way to ensure your move to Arizona goes smoothly is to use a local Phoenix real estate agent rather than one in your home country. While it might be appealing to meet with your agent in-person before you move, an agent already in Arizona will know more about an area like Phoenix, and can help you during both visits and the move. Continue reading

10 Reasons to Buy and Hold Arizona Real Estate Now!

1. It’s the deal of the century. Well, maybe not the century, but it’s pretty darn good. The Phoenix metro real estate market has rolled back to around 1992 pricing. The low end of the market has some especially incredible deals for buy and hold investors. You can buy 1000 square foot homes built in the last 15 years for $50,000-$60,000 starting price. With rents in the $900/month range, you can recoup your investment in less than 7 years. Not Bad. Continue reading

Owner Occupied Buyers in Arizona Enjoy Both Cheap Housing and Good Weather

Arizona real estate is tempting in many ways for potential owner occupied buyers who live in Canada and other countries. Those sick of cold weather are likely to find Phoenix to be a pleasantly warm change, so much so that occasional visits to this state may not be enough anymore. Potential buyers of homes in Arizona will find many benefits of occupying the house they purchase, with the weather being just one of them. Financial perks also abound when it comes to this investment.

Many Canadians, as well as visitors from other countries with cold weather, consider Arizona their vacation destination during winter. Those in the Phoenix area do not have to shovel snow before driving to the store, nor do they have to wear bulky coats when walking outside to get the mail. In fact, winter weather in Phoenix is often considered perfect for getting outside to take walks, ride bikes, or go hiking. Visitors who stick around longer than winter will see that the weather in the fall and spring is also ideal, as it is pleasantly sunny during the day and cool at night. Even the summer in Arizona is manageable for those who are prepared with a pool, whether it be in their neighborhood or in their own backyard. Clearly, the weather holds major appeal for owner occupied buyers. Continue reading

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