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Buy-and-Hold investors are dominating the market in Arizona snapping up income properties at a dizzying pace!

As the housing market continues to force homeowners into rentals, more investors are taking advantage of the surplus of deeply discounted distressed homes in Arizona. Most of the investors we’re seeing lately are international cash buyers making bank on Arizona rental properties.


Investors looking to capitalize on the residential market call Artisan Real Estate Group because we are specialists… Continue reading

Investors are flipping homes in Arizona for big profits!

Even though home prices are down more than a third from their peak, according to the National Association of Realtors, many investors are making big profits!


In recent months, our team has helped investors make anywhere from 12% to 24% and more in profits on many Arizona homes picked up at Maricopa County foreclosure auctions (see our recent… Continue reading

Looking For Luxury In Chandler?

Many areas in Arizona are still showing signs of growth both commercially and residentially.  Nearly 18 acres of land was acquired for the grand price of $3.5 million by Investment Property Associates in Chandler. The property lies at the intersection of Queen Creek Road and Arizona Avenue on the southwest corner. Together with P.B. Bell Companies, the intention of this… Continue reading

Attention sellers – Buyer turnoffs!

There are lots of reasons for a potential buyer to decide against purchasing a home, but wouldn’t you like to know that one of their reasons wasn’t YOU or something you did?  We’re going to help you be sure that this doesn’t happen to you!!


1.  As a seller, don’t think that it’s your duty to oversee the entire… Continue reading

A New Bill Concerning REOs And Retirement Penalties

The Housing Recovery Act of 2011 was introduced to the House of Representatives by Bill Posey (R-FL) . In essence, what the bill proposes is that people would have the ability to use qualified retirement plans to purchase a home that has been in the foreclosure process for over a year without paying early distribution penalties. While it may not… Continue reading

Test Your Short Sale Knowledge!

If you’re a home-owner thinking about selling your home through a short sale, take a moment to educate yourself on what this really means and what the requirements may be for your situation.


1. Have you really assessed your situation (as no two are exactly the same) to see whether or not your lender will endorse a short sale?… Continue reading

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